Winter Garden

In cold and snowy winter days, we are in search of peace, happiness, warmth and pleasure. there are few things that provide these, and it is generally in a closed environment with four walls. How does it sound to you to be in a warm enclosed space where you feel like you are outside? Wouldn’t you like to be in an area covered with glass where you can easily watch the outside while it is snowing or raining, like in a warm home environment? The winter garden provides exactly this magnificent atmosphere to you. It takes you from your pessimism and brings you the peace, happiness and warmth you seek. I will present you the history of the winter garden, what a winter garden is, its exterior and interior appearance, and its advantages.


The winter garden first dates back to the 16th century. At that time, with the increase in plant trade in European countries, winter gardens were started to be design in order to get the same yield in winter. Since the plants sent to England were affected by the weather conditions, winter gardens were started to be built at the beginning of the 17th century and the first built winter garden called “Eden Garden” in England, meaning “garden of paradise”. This winter garden successfully avoided the plants sent to England from being affected by the cold. In the 18th century, Dutch designers developed a window system to let the hot air out of the winter gardens in summer, and roof ventilation for indoor polluted air, and for the solar control, they used painted glass which is very impressive. Later, in the 19th century, winter gardens began to be used in daily life not only for the purpose of protecting plants, but also as a representation of peaceful and comfortable life, and were brought to life as residences. Over time, different types and features of the winter gardens were started creating and building due to the purposes of usage. For example, while the plants grown in the garden are protected from the cold, it also ensures that you stay in a warm environment in the garden in winter seasons. In other words, the garden remains still as a garden, but at the same time, it allows you to enjoy your indoor winter garden instead of sitting in a house with four walls in winter.

The winter garden can be called an indoor garden that creates both the garden and home atmosphere by using necessary decorations and combining a peacful and warmth without being affected by the weather conditions in the winter months. It allows you to create an area where you will feel in touch with nature. Winter gardens consist of two types, they are adjacent or singular. Depending on the location, it can be located adjacent to the building in an open area, while it can be located singularly in the garden of a house. The designs of winter gardens can be designed as rectangular, circle, triangle or completely in various forms depending on your desire and imagination. The windows in the winter gardens are extremely high quality and durable. In construction, retractable pergola, glass roof, retractable glass roof, sliding systems with laminated glass, automated guillotine system can be preferred. Winter gardens can be installed in corner positions or only on a single surface of a building. In other words, it can be located in corner positions so that it can contact both surfaces. The winter garden can also form a connection with the exterior of the building. It can offer an indoor-outdoor connection, especially by creating a path for use areas such as playgrounds and pools of garden-use buildings.


There are so many advantages that the winter gardens offer. As we stated above, The winter garden provides a magnificent atmosphere. It takes you from your pessimism and brings you the peace, happiness and warmth you seek. It is not easy to experience the four season by being in touch with the nature. Both in summer or winter, we generally stay at home because of extreme weather. But by virtue of the winter gardens, we can experience all the seasons confortably. Another advantage of the winter gardens is that they are open to use as you wish with their models that can be opened and closed in the summer months. This means that it can create an indispensable comfortable space for you in the summer months. This system can provide various solutions in accordance with the changing seasonal conditions and according to the user’s desire.


In conclusion, The winter gardens, where interest is rapidly increasing, will be waiting for you to create a happy and peaceful environment in every season. You can contact us to apply safely in accordance with the locations you desire and to learn more informations.