Exterior Glass Railings

Exterior Glass Railings

The exterior appearance of the house has become as important as its interior appearance. When we say external appearance, one of the things that comes to mind is a balcony or terrace. Now everyone is thinking about how we can make our balconies or terraces more modern. Inevitably compete with each other. You can both modernize your environment by installing an exterior glass railing on your balcony or terrace with a single touch, and you can use it for many years with its easy use. Of course, our exterior glass railing product is not limited to balcony and terrace applications. It can also be applied in open places such as stadiums, sports halls, parking lots, Universities, hospitals, luxury residences or restaurants. We will present you more information and advantages of exterior glass railings.


When we say glass railings, you may think of a glass that resembles everyone else’s. Our glass railing product, which consists of glass panels, is a product that has a different appearance than everyone else. Glass railings, which we apply as frameless upon your request, become more modern out of the ordinary. As we mentioned above, our outer glass railing system is applied in places such as balconies, terraces, shopping centers, stadiums, sports halls, parking lots, universities, hospitals, luxury residences, restaurants, cultural centers, etc. We make our exterior glass railings with aluminum. If you ask what does aluminum do; It ensures that the exterior glass railing is resistant to the external environment and UV rays, it is durable, safe, does not rust and does not require maintenance. Apart from these, it is also very easy to clean. After cleaning, which you will rarely do, it will always have a brand new look. We adjust the thickness of the glass in the most appropriate way with our exterior glass railings and special production.

Our exterior glass railing system provides many advantages to you and your environment. Applying exterior glass railing to places such as balconies, cultural center, shopping center, stadium, sports hall, parking lot, university, hospital, luxury Residence, Restaurant adds both a modern and stylish look to the environment. A different and unique look is added to the places where we apply exterior glass railings. In addition to these, if you are sitting on your balcony, if you make your railing with glass, you will have the opportunity to watch the outside easily. It provides high security to the place where we measure the exterior glass railings and apply it in appropriate thickness. Our exterior glass railings, which are higher quality and safer than other railings, are designed upon your request. Monolithic parts can be applied on our exterior glass railings. This makes your  area you apply secure for small pets and children. Otherwise they may try to insert their arms, objects or theirself into the handrails, creating a danger. Our exterior glass railings are as durable as they are safe. The properties of the glasses we produce and apply are specially resistant to the external environment and UV rays. Our glass railings, which has a high strength of durability, therefore ensures that they last longer than other glasses.


As for the installation, the exterior glass railings are very easy to install and are installed by our expert colleagues during the day without any problems. Before we start to install our exterior glass railing system, we start the project with your measurement and the option you choose. After we finish our project, we present it to you for your appreciation. If there is a place you want to add or remove, we start to install our glass railing system, taking that into account. We offer various rail and pole options on our windows. this means: For the glass railings, we offer you rail and pole material options in accordance with the glass railings such as aluminum and iron in the colors you desire, thus adding a lot of difference and elegance to its appearance. If you have these options, you can provide a suitable view for the building and the environment.


As a conclusion, having a unique, stylish and modern exterior glass railing offered by our company is much safer and more advantageous than other railings. If you want to get more information about exterior glass railings, you can always contact us.