Automated Awnings

Automated Awning

An automated awning is necessary for a cafe, restaurant or an open part of the house. If you are asking what an automated awning system is and what it does; automated awning is a system that is used as shading and sunshade in outdoor places, thus providing both comfort and stylish appearance. Besides, it is very practical to use. There are many different types of our automated awning that can be easily managed with a remote control. It protects your place against all kinds of intense weather conditions. With all these features and advantages, it will provide you with a lifetime of comfort. In the information we provide below, there are types, features and advantages of automated awnings.


Our automated awnings contain aluminum profiles. Our awnings are motorized, so you will be able to manage them with a remote control without any physical force or difficulty. The wheels of the automatic awnings working with the remote control are thick and high quality, and thanks to this quality, the awning can be opened and closed in a short time without any problems. Our awnings are made of durable and light plastic material. The material we use is called brack out tarpaulin. It is very functional as well as durable. The automated awning, which is applied by our company, is applied to any places with open sections such as cafes and restaurants. With the automated awning that can be applied even to winter gardens, it provides the opportunity to use your place in summer and winter. In terms of being aluminum, it protects your place from the cold in winter and the sweltering heat in summer. Thanks to the strength and durability of automated awning, it does not cause any damage against bad weather conditions such as snow, rain and hail. Being slightly inclined, it allows the materials coming from outside to fly away with the wind. Therefore, it does not leave any accumulation. Likewise, it does not accumulate water caused by rain. Therefore, it is very easy to clean. The warranty is long term. It does not easily cause any trouble while using it, but in case of any trouble that may occur, our expert staff will solve the problem during the day. With our automated awnings being folded open, every place adapts and provides a stylish and modern look to the environment. Awnings are available in any color. Before the application, you are visited by experts in the field and measurements are taken, then the model and color you desire is selected. In this way, the project is started and delivered to you in a short time. There are multiple types of automated awnings available. oval, wide opening, folding and illuminated awning models are available. Illuminated awnings are just as advantageous because in the evenings, you may find it difficult to fix the light systems due to the fact that the ceiling is not made of stone, but if you add light to the awnings, you will have a comfortable time.

The advantages of our automated awnings are many. First of all, as we mentioned before, it is suitable for almost all outdoor places. It adds more elegance to your place with its appearance. Due to the strength and durability of the awnings, no damage occurs from external factors and even protects your place. Thanks to the automated awning, you can use your place in all seasons. Since it is produced with aluminum, it keeps your place cool in summer and warm in winter. If there is heavy rain or hail in winter, it does not accumulate on the awnings. With its slight slope, the rain and hail flow directly down. Cleaning is also a very important issue. It is very easy to clean, when you pour water on it, as I mentioned before, the dirt on the awning will spill directly down because it is inclined. Having these features is very advantageous for business owners such as cafes and restaurants. It will enable them to operate comfortably in all seasons and will attract the attention of the customers with its stylish appearance. In addition, our automatic awnings do not rust at all.


As a conclusion, automated awnings offered and applied by our company, which can be used easily in all seasons with a remote control, are highly preferred. If you want to take advantage of its use and appearance, or if you have any questions, you can always contact us.