Bioclimatic Pergola

The Bioclimatic Pergola System

We know that enjoying the beautiful weather in your garden is everyone’s wish and dream. Who would not want to relax and enjoy in the garden in summer or spring while resting at home in winters? However, creating your relaxation area will not make you comfortable in the sweltering weather in the middle of summer. You can create an endlessly comfortable space with the bioclimatic pergola, which has great features. Our bioclimatic pergola product, which has a very high quality and modern appearance, creates a resting area that refreshes you even in the hottest weather in summer. The pergola, which provides a magnificent view with its cubic structure, horizontal roof made of penels and color compatible with your home, will provide an elegant touch to your garden. The bioclimatic pergola, which provides shelter and comfort, is also very easy to use. Our product works with a remote control. With the remote control, you can easily manage the ribs of the pergola according to the sunlight. Here we present you the importance, features and advantages of our bioclimatic pergola system.


The bioclimatic pergola is a wonderful product that is installed on your arbor or garden furniture in your garden, thus protecting you from the sun’s rays. With its adjustable panel and aesthetic, practical and functional features, it transforms the garden of your home into a stylish one. Adjustable aluminum strips are available in white or black. Our bioclimatic pergola product, which is filled with adjustable slats that respects all the codes of the environment, allows you to personalize your outdoor space. Our bioclimatic pergola system, made entirely of aluminum, is very robust and high quality. This product, which has a light appearance, is extremely resistant to heavy weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, wind or hail that may occur in winter months and does not suffer any damage. In this way, you will not need to remove and install your pergola in every season or in every bad weather. If you live in an area where it rains and snows a lot, you can protect your pergola with our waterproof gasket application. The panels that rotate between 120 and 170 degrees allow it to manage the sun’s rays. In addition, we can apply rain and snow sensors to our pergolas according to your wishes. This means that when it rains or snows, the sensors are activated and the panels in the pergola automatically regulate and close.Thus, thanks to the sensors that come into play when it rains while you are outside, even in the summer months, it protects your furniture in your garden from rain and ensures that it is not damaged. Our system is so useful. Apart from these, you can install led lights on your pergolas. In order not to restrict your field of vision at night, you can install led lights and your view angle can be much more comfortable.

Our bioclimatic pergola product, which we apply to every place, is very easy to clean thanks to its folding and rotating feature. In this way, all sides of the panels can be easily cleaned without the need to go to the roof. In addition to the 120 and 170 degree rotation of the panels, it also offers a full assembly movement. Thanks to the folding feature of the panels, it offers both ventilation and shading to your space. You can paint our bioclimatic pergola product in the color you want with special paint. On the other hand, it gives your garden a modern and elegant look. Thanks to the bioclimatic pergola, which you can also buy as an aesthetic element, you will have a differentiated and inviting space by covering your outdoor dining area. We also attach importance to privacy in our bioclimatic pergola application. It prevents your neighbors from seeing you while you enjoy your garden.


In conclusion, If you want to enjoy this pleasure in your garden with refreshing drinks, comfortable garden furniture and your friends in the middle of summer, you will be able to enjoy the peaks of pleasure by protecting your privacy thanks to the bioclimatic pergola. If you want to learn more about our technological and multi-functional bioclimatic pergola product, you can always contact us.