Garage Doors and Shutters

Garage Doors and Shutters

The safer your home is for you, the more important the garage is for your car. While there is a risk of damage to your car even when parked, why would you not keep it in your secure garage? Garages both protect your car from external factors that may occur and provide you with different advantages, for example, you can park your car in the garage and enter your house from the garage section. In addition, garage doors are no longer as difficult to use as they used to be. That is, it does not tire you physically. That is why garage doors and shutters are very popular lately. Our company can make a garage door or shutter suitable for your private home. The garage doors and shutters applied by our company have many different features. Let us present you the features and advantages of garage doors and shutters.


The garage door was first invented by C.G.Johnson in 1921. It was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in 1923. The garage door is the large door in the garage that is automatically electrically operated or, less preferably, manually opened. The size of our garage doors is enough to accommodate other vehicles other than your own vehicle. Our small garage doors are made from a single panel that either slides upwards or pulls back. En çok tercih edilen otomatik garaj kapılarımız, uzaktan kumandalı garaj kapılarımız ya da motorlu garaj kapılarımızdır. Bu garaj kapılarımız, siz aracınızdayken kumandanızı, Hgs sisteminizi da plaka tanıma sistemi aracılığıyla otomatik olarak ya açılıp kapanmaktadır. Our most preferred automatic garage doors and shutters are our remote control garage doors or motorized garage doors. These garage doors and shutters open and close automatically while you are in your vehicle, using your remote, Hgs system or license plate recognition system. Since we also consider weather conditions, the comfort and safety of automatic garage doors and shutters is extremely high. The models of our garage doors and shutters provide a high level of insulation.

Our garage doors and shutters are applied in the parking lot of the residences, in the vehicle entrance and exit sections, in the parking lots of shopping malls and in detached houses. Although our garage doors look like a single piece from the outside, they are formed by the combination of many parts. Our garage doors, which consist of about 30 different parts, are quite durable. Parts such as sandwich panels, drums, spring break safety systems, wheels, automation systems are used in the garage doors and shutters produced by our company. As for the structures of garage packs, sectional garage doors open vertically and hang under the ceiling, thus saving space by using the space in front of the garage and inside efficiently. The rollmatic garage shutter also opens vertically and saves space. This type of shutter does not take up space either inside the garage or in front of the garage, as it only opens vertically. Our berry garage doors are a high quality and technological product of ours. Although it is a solid and long-lasting technological door, you can preferably supply it as a steel motif or wooden door. You can have your preferred garage door or shutter custom made according to your taste, by offering color and decorative surface options upon your request. We also have garage doors that open to the side. This type of garage doors, unlike other doors, opens to the side and is among our very special and robust products. Aluminum framed garage doors or shutters are preferred if the garage needs more light or more ventilation for collective parking.


The advantages of garage doors and shutters are innumerable. our garage doors and shutters, first of all, takes you out of your fearful thoughts, such as, do you wonder if something happens to you while your car is parked outside? do they draw? Will there be any damage to the car in case of bad weather? Or if you have a garage but no door or the door is old, it also removes your very stressful and anxious thoughts and offers you a very comfortable stress-free life. Our garage doors and shutters are very protected and secure. It is very easy to use. Our doors and blinds open and close automatically without getting out of your vehicle. Thanks to our garage doors and shutters, your vehicle will not be affected by very hot and very cold weather conditions, the battery will be activated in case of power cuts and they have a long life. In addition to these, you will be able to enter and exit your home directly from the garage.


As a conclusion, thanks to these features provided by our company, you will be very comfortable. If you have our product applied, our service department, which is an expert in the field, will provide the solution within the day for any problem that may occur. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any question, you can always contact us.