Retractable Glass Roof

Retractable Glass Roof

Throughout the life of humanity, everyone first aims to create a safe and sheltered area such as a home. However, while doing these, we isolate ourselves from the view of the sky. It is of course very important to be protected and safe, however, why do we move away from our souls when we think about ourselves physically? It is very important to consider both together. Imagine that you have a house and the roof of your house is covered with retractable glass roof which you can open or close whenever you want at any time of the seasons. In other words, you will be in a safe area and you will not be deprived of the beautiful view of the sky. With the retractable glass roof provided by our company, you will not be affected by the rain, snow or wind caused by the weather conditions in winter, and you will be able to enjoy the sun in summer to the fullest. I will inform you more about the retractable glass roof provided by our company and what advantages it provides.


The retractable glass roof system is the application of specially produced glasses to the whole or part of the roof. We provide security first in this application. We apply it with significant security in terms of not harming any life or property, and thus no risk occurs. We apply retractable glass roof systems in open or closed places such as restaurants, cafes, houses, terraces, winter gardens, pools or smoking areas. Before starting the application on our retractable glass roof systems, we come to your place where you want to have an application and we start the project by taking the size of the place with free exploration. The project is first created according to your retractable glass roof feature preferences, then a safe, stylish and insulated work is created with the fine and flawless work of our team. After our project is presented to you, our valued customer, works will be carried out in a way that will bring your place together with a magnificent view, in line with the meticulousness of our experienced craftsmen and our technological machines.

Electric motors slide the frames of the moving glasses up or down until they fit together. The retractable glasses parts make no disturbing noise thanks to our company’s multi-ball bearing product. Since the surface of the system we make is flawless and smooth, our specially produced retractable glasses ensure rapid flow when it rains and do not accumulate. The retractable glass roofs we apply also provide thermal insulation. It is applied together with thermal insulation in every place you want to build. It not only protects and warms your homes or any location you have built during the winter months, but also shows its effect by cooling it in the sweltering heat in the summer months. Our retractable glass roofs are produced as fully opening and fully closing. We make these systems suitable for every place. We are able to offer solutions to every problem with our wide range of models and products. Due to this retractable glass roof designed and applied by our team, you will be able to enjoy the desired aesthetic appearance.


The advantages of the retractable glass roof are many, one of them is it is more useful and safe than other roof systems. Also, it is so easy to clean it. It will satisfy you with its modern and stylish appearance in your home, on your terrace or in the winter garden. In addition to this, you will witness the magnificent images in the sky in spring, summer, autumn and winter months, so that you will not even notice that there is retractable glass in between. With allowing you to benefit from all weather conditions, it provides you with insulation and options with different features. It directs the rain water to the hidden gutter channels on our retractable glass roofs and does not accumulate or spill in this way. When it snows, it is resistant to the loads that will occur, so your safety will not be in any danger. Our retractable glass roof systems are extremely easy to use, as I mentioned before. You can easily open and close the glass whenever you want.


In conclusion, retractable glass roof systems produced and applied by our company are highly preferred in terms of reliability, durability, modern appearance, comfort and satisfaction. If you want to benefit from these aspects or get more information, you can contact us.