Shower Cabins / Screens

Shower Cabins / Screens

When we think of renewing ourselves, one of the things that comes to our mind is to take a comfortable shower. We always need a shower at the end of fast, tiring or suffocating days. In this way, the shower has become a part of our lives. In other words, the shower is taken for cleaning as well as for relaxation at the end of a bad day. However, it is just as important that we can continue to relax after a shower. After a shower without a shower cabin or screen, none of us would like to deal with cleaning up the splashing water. Therefore, thanks to the shower cabin, we can continue our lives in a relaxed way. The point we want to say here is that, a bathroom without a shower actually leads us to more stress and fatigue. The shower cabin, with its different designs, beautifies our bathrooms in order to provide different comfort in every season. We will present you the types, materials used, features and advantages of the shower cabins/screens.


Today, shower cabins are one of the leading multifunctional bathroom products that provide bathrooms with a unique decorative appearance as well as ease of use. Thanks to the shower cabin, your bathrooms are as dry as other rooms and make general cleaning easier. Our shower cabin glasses are generally produced from aluminum, tempered glass or plexiglass. We make plastic coating on our windows so that the water does not leak out, so your bathroom stays dry as your desire. Our company offers you the selection of different models, which are distinguished from each other according to the shapes, doors, glass features used, the features in the dimensions and structures, and different patterns and colors of the shower cabin. We create different models according to your desired budget, taste and bathroom structure. If you desire your bathroom to have a transparent appearance, we adjust our frosted glass shower cabins with multiple options depending on the style of decoration. First of all, when choosing our models before starting our project, the cabinet is decided according to the location of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, do not hesitate to use the large shower cabin model to save floor space. Contrary to what you think, the large shower cabin does not take up space. Measures are taken according to your bathroom and applied according to your bathroom size.

Also, humidity is very important. Before starting the project, we also take into account the humidity ratio distribution. We are building a shower cabin in a way that balances the humidity. In addition to these, the shower cabin is also very beneficial for health. What we want to say here is that the difference of the shower cabin is that water and soap do not splash around during the shower. Splashed water and soap in areas without shower cabin turn into bacteria after a while and stains occur. In such cases, your health and the health of anyone who enters your bathroom in your home are also affected. In order not to threaten your living space and your health, a shower cabin is a must in every home. You can wait for the running water to warm up before the shower or you can try to heat it, which is quite troublesome. However, your water can be easily warmed or heated with just the shower cabin, and you can enjoy a warm shower without waiting for the water to heat up in winter or cold weather. Oval shower cabins are very useful and preferred. Because, they don’t take up much space in bathrooms. That is, it is very useful for narrow or small sized bathrooms. Rectangular shower cabin model is also very preferred for large bathrooms. Of course, apart from oval and rectangular shower cabin models, we produce special shower cabins for you depending on your wishes and any pattern you want can be printed on our shower cabin models that you want to have applied. With the quality of our products, it can be used for many years without any deformation. If you want to create a very beautiful and special look in your bathrooms and get rid of the splashing water, you can choose our products made by our company.


What are the advantages of our meticulously produced shower cabins? First of all, thanks to our shower cabins, the water splashing around is eliminated. In a bathroom without a shower cabin, we are dealing with cleaning them because of the splashing water after the shower. However, thanks to the shower cabin, there are no microbes and stains around, and we do not bother with cleaning. Another advantage is privacy. The shower cabin creates a privacy area as it separates your shower and bathroom. Apart from these, one of the most important advantages is health. It provides extra care to your skin, accelerates metabolism and strengthens our immunity, thanks to the hot shower with shower cabin and steam. So, having a shower cabin is very important factor.


In conclusion, we always have high quality and durable shower cabin models with simple or elegant designs that we shape with your desires and opinions. You can contact us for more detailed information about the shower cabin, which can add a different look and health to your bathroom.