Automated Guillotine System

Automated Guillotine System

Recently, cafe owners, restaurant or any business owners are in search of different, eye-catching products. Now, with technology, products that work with different systems are starting to emerge day by day to ensure the comfort of people, and therefore all business owners are trying to keep up with all these changes. These are products such as glass roofs or bioclimatic pergolas, but recently, guillotine glass has become an indispensable product, especially in places such as cafes and restaurants. guillotine glass system is very different from other products. It is a system that moves windows from top to bottom and from bottom to top. it moves from left to right and from right to left according to the way it is implemented. Thanks to the guillotine glass system, you will be able to move the windows completely automatically instead of opening them one by one. Here we will give you more information about guillotine glass.


The automatic guillotine system is a movable handrail system. This system is managed by remote control. It is mostly used in places such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, because the large area makes it easier to manage with a remote control instead of opening and closing the windows one by one in order to provide comfort to the customers. Apart from these places, our company also applies it in residences, shop windows, french type balconies, roofs, terraces, room partition, showcase, automatic glass railing, pool sides, pergola awning, and winter gardens. The quality of our product is extremely high and safe. There is no hand or finger jamming. Our automatic guillotine glass system can be applied with double glazing in line with your desire. The main features of our automatic guillotine glass systems are; The glass handrail is controlled by a remote control and automatically moves up and down, its height and width are measured and adjusted according to the area you want to have it made, the glass we use is extremely safe and is produced as laminated with temper, millimeters of the glasses applied in the systems are adjusted according to your preference and double glass is applied, There are multiple colored glasses, such as brons and transparent, and the cover colors are black or gray.

Our product in question ensures that the wheels on its sides are activated at the same time, allowing the system to move in a balanced way and it moves extremely silently. Our automatic guillotine system is also very easy to install. In case of the slightest malfunction or other problem, our expert team is intervened as soon as possible without being disassembled in any way. Apart from these, the automatic guillotine glass system provided by our company is extremely resistant to water, wind or impact. Our system, which provides many advantages, provides a transparent panoramic view by reducing the thickness of horizontal and vertical profiles. If you prefer the glass color to be transparent, you can have this image too. It contains stain-proof feature in all paints we use on glass. In other words, it will not leave any fingerprints in any place you want to have it done, so its cleaning will be easier than other glasses.


As we mentioned above, our automatic guillotine glass system provides many advantages. Thanks to the quality material and engine we use, it has the feature of fully opening and closing automatically. We have glasses that move from left to right and from right to left, as well as from top to bottom and bottom to top. has been tested for reliability and is ready to use. There is no risk of pinching any fingers, hands, etc. Our project is started in line with your choice with the alternative glass options offered to you before the project. Our windows contain thermal insulation, they are not affected by bad weather conditions or any impact that may occur. If you apply automatic guillotine glass, your space will have an aesthetic and stylish appearance, thus increasing your potential to attract customers. Apart from these, the most important thing is that our guillotine glass system also serves as a railing on your terrace. Thanks to the automatic guillotine glass, it provides the opportunity to continue your life in endless comfort and confidence.


As a conclusion, you will be able to ventilate your environment and your place will look cool compared to other places with automatic guillotine windows that you manage with a remote control according to your desire in the area you apply. Please contact us to learn more about our multifunctional system.