Nowadays almost everyone has started the habit of checking in and out of the house over and over to make sure everything is closed before they leave the house. Against theft, we especially look at our windows and doors to see if they are closed tightly. These situations are very frustrating for people. However, this also has a solution. Thanks to the blinds applied by our company, you will be able to leave the house with peace of mind without checking again and again. Thanks to the blinds, leave the window open if you want, there will be no risk. Thus, both your fear will decrease and your house will get air while you are not at home. If you are asking how we can trust the blinds and leave our window open, blinds have the feature of not being able to show inside. Thanks to this feature, no matter how long you leave your window open, the inside will not be seen from the outside and no one will know whether the window is open or closed. Blinds are stronger and safer than windows. Below we offer you more information and advantages about blinds.


Our blinds applied by our company are made of plastic, wood and metal. The important feature of metal blinds is that they provide more security apart from aesthetic appearance. If you are very worried about the safety of your home, workplace and stores, metal blinds will eliminate all your worries. Our double-winged blinds, which are mounted on the window, do not protrude over the exterior of the building, while providing an aesthetic and stylish appearance from the outside, the blinds protect the window from external factors. Our blind systems, which adapt to all kinds of projects, are made of plastic, wood or metal upon your request. Apart from these, our blind system has a very different and special feature. In the place where the blinds are installed, you can easily see and watch the outside from the inside, while the inside is not visible to the outsiders. That is, no one from the outside will be able to see your inner location, which is special to you, but you will be able to see outside easily. In fact, if you look at it, it has a kind of film coating feature. Our blind systems are very diverse. We have a variety of blind systems, including wooden, metal and plastic, as well as manual, automatic and aluminum.

Our manual blinds are applied in scissor blind systems. Scissor blinds may become inoperable after a while on the automatic system due to the feature of back and forth movement, or they have the risk of causing problems when opening and closing your blind. Therefore, a manual system is applied to the scissor blinds. Thus, it is both easy to use and long-lasting. Manual blinds are controlled by ropes attached to the reel. It has the feature of winding and releasing the rope on the reel.


Motorized automatic blinds are controlled by a remote control. You can open and close your blinds whenever you want, without the need for any physical difficulties. In addition, motorized automatic blinds have a motor-connected lock system. the purpose of this is to make your home, workplace or any place you have applied safer. In case of any malfunction that may occur with its long-term warranty, the problem will be solved immediately by our expert colleagues. In addition, a reducer is applied to the motors of the blinds, so that in case of any power outage, the blinds can be opened and closed manually. The general features of the blinds are as follows; It is very easy to use, provides heat and sound insulation thanks to aluminum, provides at least 30% energy efficiency in winter, protects your home and workplace from sweltering heat in summer, different colors can be applied upon your request and does not rust, provides a modern and stylish appearance and high level of security.


As a conclusion, our blind systems applied by our company are quite advantageous. It is one of our most preferred products in terms of both aesthetic appearance, safety and functional features. It shows its effect in summer and winter to create your comfort in every season. If you have more questions about our blinds, you can always contact us.